The Ultimate Disinfecting & Sanitizing Cabinet

The ZONO system uses ozone created by a combination of UV Light, ambient oxygen, and less than one ounce of water in an air tight cabinet to safely to safely kill 99.99% of common viruses like Norovirus+ (disinfecting level) and 99.9% of common bacteria like Staph and MRSA* (sanitizing level).

Science and Innovation

ZONO solutions focus on a balance of Science & Innovation to solve real-world workflow issues and consistently guarantee the highest clinical efficacy to kill germs.

The ZONO’s system design, cycle protocols, and Integrated Mobile Rack and Cart System eliminate cross-contamination, require minimal staff attention, and ensure maximum load capacity.

The ZONO’s ergonomic design means no need to bend over to load or remove items from the cabinet. Simply place items in the Integrated Mobile Racks and Cart, roll the Cart directly into the ZONO, and 30 minutes later items are disinfected and sanitized and ready to use. No rinsing or wiping needed.

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The ZONO is a safe, effective, eco-friendly, and easy to operate solution capable of killing common bacteria and common viruses on virtually any surface.

Our ozone technology penetrates into areas liquid sanitizers have a difficult time reaching including plastics, metals, fabrics, and more!

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  • Verified Independent Testing
  • 99.99% Disinfecting Kill Rate on non-porous surfaces
  • 99.9% Sanitizing Kill Rate on porous, semi-porous, and non-porous surfaces
  • Eliminates odors
  • Requires no attention from staff during operation
  • Integrated Mobile Rack and Cart System ensures optimal workflow and reduces cross-contamination
  • No residue means no need to rinse or wipe items
  • Does not damage or discolor items
  • Safe for electronics / battery powered devices!
Zono Ozone Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cabinets

The ZONO Solution

ZONO Solutions feature:

  • Optional Drying feature for wet or damp gear and equipment
  • Optional Heat Unit to kill Lice, Bed Bugs, and their eggs
  • Easy to follow touch screen controls
  • Fast, 30 minute cycles with no down time
  • Custom designed racks and carts ensure maximum load capacity and ease of use
  • Custom Built Customer Workflow Plans
  • Solution Road-map – Cabinets to spec-built rooms
  • Eco-Friendly – leaves no harmful wastes or discharges
  • Requires less than one ounce of water and 3 cents of electricity per cycle
  • Made in USA
  • 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Nationwide Service Support
  • Requires only 115 V, 20 Amp circuit
  • Safe – regulated by the EPA and FTC

Industries Served

ZONO Cabinets and other solutions can be used to disinfect and sanitize nearly any surface or item. Great Lakes Ozone is proud to be a strategic provider of ZONO Technologies to the athletics/fitness, education, and public safety industries. Learn how your sports program, athletic facility, fitness center, yoga studio, school, university, fire station, correctional center, or police station can meet its disinfecting and sanitizing needs using ZONO Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cabinets.

Athletics / Fitness

Helmets, pads, gloves, braces, footwear and other hard to clean equipment are a breeding ground for infectious disease yet fitness gear is often used by multiple users before being cleaned. Current disinfecting and sanitizing solutions don’t have the capacity or ease of use necessary to meet the needs of athletic programs and fitness centers. The ZONO can disinfect and sanitize almost any piece of athletic equipment, items used in group fitness, and more.


Items used for teaching and education like books, laptops, writing utensils / art supplies,  puzzles, toys, and even papers can harbor viruses and bacteria, and can be hard or almost impossible to disinfect and sanitize with wipes or liquid chemicals. The ZONO allows educators to safely disinfect and sanitize all these items throughout the day, without taking time away from teaching and caring for their students.

Public Safety

The contamination of gear and equipment with bacteria and viruses is a threat to the health and safety of military, policeman, firefighters, and other first responders. The ZONO is used by military agencies and public safety departments to disinfect and sanitize tactical gear including body armor, vests, gloves, helmets, boots, shoes, computers, radios and more. The ZONO is intelligently engineered to help providers become NFPA 1851 compliant.

Custom Designed Racks & Carts

Safety Information

ZONO Technologies places your safety and the health of our environment as top priorities. ZONO cabinets provide accurate instructions, warnings, first-aid, and safety information to ensure that when you use the ZONO, as instructed, you will be safe.

The ZONO is eco-friendly, using green technology that creates no harmful waste or discharge.

Before operating any ZONO Cabinet, always read the Owner’s Manual and all labeling.

Learn about ZONO's Safety Features:

The doors of the ZONO have clear panels, so items inside can be seen from the outside.

A front Display Panel always tells the operator whether the ZONO is locked/unlocked, safe to open, or if sanitizing is ongoing or completed.

Operators must enter a numeric Access Code to start a disinfecting and sanitizing cycle, heat cycle, drying cycle or lock the doors. They must also press a green “start” button inside the ZONO. The same “Access Code” is used to unlock the door while a magnetic lock prevents opening the door if it is unsafe.

The magnetic lock prevents the door to the ZONO from being opened if the ozone level inside is not at a safe concentration for the door to be opened.

The ozone sensor inside the ZONO monitors the ozone level to ensure that the ZONO is properly operating and that it is safe to open the door.

An ozone sensor detects ozone outside of the cabinet at a level below 0.1 ppm. The 0.1 ppm level is the level that OSHA allows workers to be exposed to for eight hours a day. If ozone is detected outside of the ZONO cabinet at 0.1 ppm, the ZONO will stop producing ozone, an alarm will sound, and the Display Panel will state that ozone is detected outside the ZONO.

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